Say Merhaba! to Ufuk

Say Merhaba! to Ufuk

November 10, 2022


Ufuk is an Arabic and Turkish native speaker. As a bilingual person who loves folk songs and poems, he’s always been interested in languages and literacy.

During school, Ufuk enjoyed learning new things and discovered that he also liked solving and optimizing problems. This led him to pursue a Computer Engineering degree.

Starting with C, Java, C# , he is fascinated with Computer Science topics like Automata Theory, Formal Languages, Algorithms and Operations Research.

Ufuk developed an interest in Artificial Intelligence at undergraduate studies. He ended up developing a Turkish Web Page Content Classification model using Artificial Neural Networks as a graduation project.

Ufuk logically specialized in Artificial Intelligence and focused on Natural Language Processing during his master's degree.

This gave him a chance to merge his three passions: AI, Computer Science, and Languages ❤️‍🔥.

After switching to industry as AI Research Engineer Ufuk kept working on NLP problems in fast-paced startups.

Ufuk has worked on all stages of NLP production systems and probably implemented all types of NLP/NLU tasks for different natural languages.

Ufuk has worked with text, pdf, doc, xml, web page documents, wrote pipelines to create corpora, applied or implemented text normalization, trained models, and deployed them using microservices.

He’s worked on Turkish, English, Arabic, German, Japanese, and Indonesian natural languages and used rule-based, machine learning, and deep learning approaches according to data availability and problem nature.

Ufuk had a chance to work in different-sized national and multinational startups. He learned from amazing colleagues and inspiring leaders.

As a person who learned the importance of data the hard way, he appreciates Argilla’s vision.

He will work to enhance Argilla’s capabilities using available Artificial Intelligence advances such as weak supervision, active learning, few-shot learning, and more.

And yes Ufuk learning new machine learning engineering/data engineering practices which is double bam!

His other challenges for the next months? Learning Spanish and French!

No worries about pronunciation, accent is a plus in the Argilla team 🤩